Find your copy of the Gazette 2.0 at one of the locations below.


Store Distribution:

Note: These locations are subject to change. Please notify us if your business runs out of papers: 412-652-5875.


Commissary, Pop & Beer 4 Less, Giant Eagle


Cash Market, Citgo, Borough Lobby, Rite Aid


BP, TJ’s Deli Market, Auto House


Giant Eagle, Rite Aid, Dollar Bank

Stowe Township: 

Blue Eagle, Anytime Market, Personality Hair Center, Broadway Brunch

Kennedy Township:

Rite Aid, Medicine Shop, Beer & Pop 4 Less, 7-11, Ohio Valley Hospital/Professional Building, True Value Hardware, Giant Eagle, Municipality

McKees Rocks: 

Rite Aid, 7-11, Carol Ann’s, Silver Star Meats, Pat Catan’s, In N’ Out Corner Market